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Plot of Mean vs. Stability deviation


From Accessories/Breeder's Kit, click Mean and Stability Deviation

A plot (not biplot) of Mean vs. Stability-deviation will appear for all entries

The stability deviation is the square root of Shukla's stability variance (Shukla, 1972)

Numerical values of the entries will be printed to the log file.

For the following dataset

the plot of mean vs. stability deviation is as follows:

The rank of the entries on mean is clear; entry3 seems to be most "stable" whereas entry4 least stable. Note that Entry3 is consistently low yield!! Therefore, stability is meaningless when considered alone. It becomes meaningful only when attached to the mean performance, a key concept of "GGE biplot analysis".

Comment: Although GGEbiplot generates the plot of the mean vs. stability deviation, the mean and stability view and the mean vs. stability view of the GGE biplot are much more informative if the GGE biplot adequately approximates the GGE of the data.