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Mean and Stability of entries


From Biplot Tools, click Rank Entries/Testers…

Select With ref To an "Ideal" Entry. The following will appear on the biplot:




Note: If the biplot was not in the Entry-focused singular value partitioning (i.e., SVP =1), this partitioning method will be automatically applied.

Interpretation: The closer an entry is placed to this 'ideal" entry, the more desirable it is judged on both mean performance and stability. The ranking of the entries in this example is:  Entry7 > Entry5 > Entry2 > Entry1 > Entry6 > Entry4 > Entry3.

Compare: Mean vs. Stability of Entries.


Warning: If the testers are located on the both sides of the ATC ordinate, this interpretation will not be valid, because the entry main effect is not too small to be meaningful.