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GCA and SCA of parents - diallel analysis

From Biplot Tools, click Mean vs. Stability. The following will appear on the biplot:

Interpretations on GCA:

Caution: The length of the average tester vector (the distance from biplot origin and the average tester), relative to the biplot size, is a measure of the relative importance of the entry main effect (GCA) vs. entry by tester interaction. The longer this distance, the more important is the GCA, and the more meaningful the ranking of parents based on GCA. At the extreme, a zero average tester vector means there is no GCA and therefore selection based on GCA is meaningless.

Interpretations on SCA:

Caution: When the biplot explains only a small portion of the total variation, the interpretation of the SCA may not accurate because some of the SCA are not displayed.

Identifying heterotic groups: