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Genotype-by-year*location table for a trait


Under the main menu 4-Way Data, click Geno by Yr-Loc table for one trait

A trait selection device will appear on the top of the biplot. Select a trait from the drop-down list and click Get Biplot. The genotype by yr-loc biplot for this trait will appear.








can be displayed as a genotype by year biplot 



or a genotype by location biplot:



They are exactly the same biplot and differ only by the way of displaying the labels. Comparing these biplots reveals that the year factor is more important than the location factor for the genotype-by-environment interaction patterns because the 1996 environments are more or less distinct from the 1997 and 1998 environments, whereas the locations tend to scatter across the biplots. Some locations such as NN (Narin),  RN (Ridgetown) and WE (Woodslee) seem to be relatively repeatable across years whereas others such as EA (Elora), OA (Ottawa) and WK (Woodstock) more variable.


Related topic: mega-environment identification.