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GGEbiplot provided options to dissect a year-location-genotype-trait 4-way table or a environment-by-genotype-by-trait 3-way data into the following two-way tables and corresponding biplots:



Genotype-by-environment biplots


Genotype-by-trait biplots


Trait Association By Environment (TABE) biplots


VBV biplots


Environment-by-trait biplots


Compound two-way biplots


Other biplots

Year-by-location biplot for any trait


For 3-way and 4-way data with traits in parallel columns, these biplots and ANOVA options are also available.


Note: For 3-way datasets or 4-way datasets with fewer than 2 years, the year-related two-way biplot options will not be available because a biplot with the year as one way requires at least 3 years.