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NOTE: This dataset is used extensively in this manual to demonstrate various functions of GGEbiplot. You could go back to this table to verify the interpretations based on the biplot are accurate.




A biplot based on the data will show on the screen in one or a few seconds, depending on the dataset size.


If your data is of "*.csv":


Comments: You will find it surprisingly fast to generate a well labeled, nice-looking, publication quality, fully functional biplot using GGEbiplot; much faster than any other available methods. Furthermore, generating a biplot is just the beginning, rather than the end, of biplot analysis. This is the more compelling reason why you need GGEbiplot for biplot analysis. My estimation is, and I think your experience will confirm, that using the GGEbiplot is one million times more efficient than using a good SAS macro in terms of both biplot construction and analysis.