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Comma-delimited text file (*.csv)


Comma-separated values (csv) is a text file format that is regarded as universal data format, because it can be read by most machine-oriented programs. GGEbiplot can read various data files, and therefore it is not necessary to use csv files. However, if you need to generate a csv file, you can follow the following steps:


1. Open the data file with Microsoft Excel,

2. Make the data to look like one of the 7 data formats,

3. Put 'END" at the end of the header row,

4. From File, click SAVE AS...,

5. Select "Save as type" as "CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv)",

6. Click the SAVE button,

7. When a message box pops out, asking if you want to save to this format, click YES, and

8. Close the file. When asked if you want to save the changes, click NO.