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Rank all entries relative to a check


Under the main menu of Biplot Tools, click Rank Entries/Testers, and select With ref. to an entry/tester. An entry/tester selecting panel will appear on the top of the biplot. 


If the drop-down box is labeled "Tester", then click the Tester button, it will be changed to "Entry".


Select an entry to be used as a check or reference, e.g., entry5, and then click the Compare button. The biplot will look like:



In this biplot, Entry5 is used as a reference, and concentric circles are drawn, with Entry5 as the center. The closer an entry is to the concentric center, the similar it is to Entry5.


The testers are represented as "E" to focus on the entries; full names of the entries and the testers can always be called back.