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Compare two entries with regard to various testers




The two entries are connected by a red line (the connector), and a blue line is drawn, which passes through the biplot origin and is perpendicular to the connector, called equalizer. All other entries are represented only by a "c".





The above principle also applies when all testers are fall on the same side of the equalizer:


In the following biplot, Entry5 has larger values than Entry7 for all testers:



In the following biplot, Entry6 has larger values than Entry3 for all testers except Tester8:





1. This method of comparing two entries is the basis of the famous which-won-where function in GGE biplot analysis.


2. The comparison of two genotypes based on the GGE biplot may not be accurate, depending on how much information regarding the compared genotypes is explained by the biplot. For more reliable comparison use one of these two functions: