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Independent Culling based on a biplot


This function have been removed in the newer version of GGEbiplot. Instead, the Selection Based on Multiple Traits is recommended.


From the main menu Biplot Analysis, click Independent Culling. A tester selecting pane will appear above the biplot. 

Click the drop-down arrow by the textbox to select the tester (environment or trait or variable) based on which the culling is to be conducted and click the Discard button. The following will appear on the biplot: 

o A blue oval that circles the selected tester, 

o A red line that passes through the biplot origin and the beginning of the label of the tester, 

o A red arrow pointing to the beginning of the label,

o A blue line that passes the biplot origin and is perpendicular to the red line, and 

o A set of 10 lightly colored lines parallel to the blue line, which divides the entries into 10 grades.

At the same time, an input box will appear, asking for the culling intensity. Put a desired number between 0 and 100, then click OK.

Genotypes with values below the specified percentage relative to the maximum value of the selected tester (environment or trait) will be deleted from the biplot, and the blue line will be relocated to mark the discarding position.

The deleted entries can be called back by clicking the Recall button on the tester selecting pane.

This process can be repeated for other testers.


Note: The reliability of this method is determined by the goodness of fit of the biplot. See this page for the traditional independent culling method