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Multi-Trait Selection Tool


Under the main menu "Accessories", under "Breeder's Kit", there are several functions, "Multi-trait selection tool" being one of the most important. This is probably the most comprehensive tool for selection based on multiple traits, because it combined Index Selection, independent culling, and independent selection in the same interface and allows selecting and culling on both ends of selected traits.


When this function is selected, the following interface will appear.  



The following options are available for the researcher to select (and decide!):


1. Select traits to be selected/culled on;


2. Set a weight for a trait in the range of [-1, +1]. If the higher level of the trait is desirable, then its weight should be positive, otherwise should be negative. No action will be taken on a trait if its weight is set to "0" (i.e., this trait will be ignored in the decision making process);


3. Specify a culling rate on the Selection Index (0 to 100%);


4. Specify if independent selection is to be conducted. If yes, specify a rate of selection (0 to 100%);


5. Specify if independent culling is to be conducted. If yes, specify a rate of culling (0 to 100%); and


6. For each trait, specify if one (high or low) end or both (high and low) ends of the trait are to be selected/culled on. (Example for selecting on both ends: 


The results will be pop-up in an Excel spreadsheet when the "Go" button is clicked.





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