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ANOVA of 4-Way Data


When the data are read as 3-way parallel, 4-way parallel, or Anyway parallel, and when the 4-way ANOVA option under the main menu of "Anyway" is selected, the following form will appear:


This is a major component of GGEbiplot, that can be used to conduct ANVOA for a year-by-location-by-genotype-by-trait 4-way data (all any 4-way data in a similar data structure) all possible ways. This interface allows the research to specify the replication (block), genotype, location, and year, and specify the experiemental design to be a RCBD (rondomized complete bolcks design), ICBD (incomplete blocks design) or CRD (completely randomized design). Once this is done, the options are possible:


1. Conduct ANOVA for any selected traits or for all traits at one strike,

2. Conduct ANOVA and multiple genotype comparison for each test (year-location combination),

3. Conduct ANOVA for the genotype by location data each each year, and

4. Conduct ANOVA for the genotype by year data by location.

5. Conduct ANOVA based on different experimental designs


Hint: For multi-year multi-location data without replications, the researcher can choose to use the year or the location as replications for genotype comparison.