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File (picture) renaming



Modern plant breeders and geneticists who conduct variety trials not only take notes on various traits about each variety (field plot), but also take pictures of each variety at different times, which contain much information about the varieties and complements with the numerical data. The pictures are numbered by the camera as automatic numbers and the researcher often has to rename them such that the file names are more meaningful. It can be a tedious and painful process if a large number of pictures are to be renamed. For example, one of our oat variety trials contains more than 300 breeding lines and we have taken pictures for each line in several times. This file remaning tool was created to solve this problem. 

The New picture names can be created from a file (a field book)), by combining information from different columns in the file. In the above example, the pictures are renamed by combing the variety name + plot ID + variety entry ID in the above example. The user has an option to decide the order of columns to form the name combination. There are no limitation on the number of columns to form a picture name.