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Functions for genotype-by-(trait+environment) tables


A genotype-by-(trait+environment) table is the combination of 2 two-way tables: a genotype-by-trait table and a genotype-by-environment for a target trait for the same set of genotypes. 

The above snapshot shows a portion of a genotype by (trait+environment) table. This table contains 145 rows (of barley doubled-haploid lines) and 46 columns for genetic values of 21 explanatory traits plus data for the target trait (yield) measured in 25 environments. The high-lighted part is the yield data from different environments.

A genotype by (trait+environment) table can be analyzed as a genotype by trait table as well as a genotype by environment table

In addition, it can be used to identify traits that can explain and, therefore, be used in exploring genotype by environment interactions of the target trait. Follow the links below to see how this can be done using GGEbiplot: