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Biplot based on tester Stdev standardized data


From Models, select Centering, then Within-tester Stdev scaled.


GGE Biplot (with tester centered) based on this model may be called GGE2 biplot.



Note that the vectors of the testers have almost the same length. This is because the data was scaled by tester standard deviation. The interpretation of the GGE2 biplot is the same as that of the GGE1 biplot except that the vector length of the testers does not represent their discriminating abilities. Instead, the testers were assumed to be equally important in entry evaluation. 


This type of GGE biplot has a useful property. It can be used to assess the adequacy of the biplot in explaining the GGE of the data. If all testers have vectors of similar length, it means that the main patterns of the GGE are presented. Otherwise, it indicates that current biplot does not adequately display the GGE patterns and that information on the testers with apparently shorter vectors is not presented in the current biplot. In the latter case, examining additional PC's or subdivision of the data is needed to fully explore the data.