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What is a GGE biplot


The term "GGE biplot" first appeared in Yan et al. (2000). It refers to a biplot that displays the G and GE of a genotype-by-environment data. The key property of a GGE biplot is that it is based on Tester-Centered data, whereby the tester (environment) main effects (E) are removed, and the entry main effect (G) and the entry by tester interaction (GE) are retained and combined. Therefore, a biplot based on tester-centered data contains only G+GE, shortened as GGE.



The GGE biplot methodology was developed for graphical analysis of genotype by environment data or multi-environment trials (MET) data. However, it is a rather generic method that can be applied to many other types of two-way dada. GGE biplot is the most commonly used and most useful type of biplot. The term "biplot" in this document refers to GGE biplot unless it is explicitly specified.


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