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Experimental Designs using GGEbiplot


There are three most common experimental designs in plant breeding:


1. Randomized Complete Blocks (RCBD)

To be used when the number of entries is small, e.g., smaller than 30.


2. Incomplete Blocks (ICBD)

To be used when the number of entires to be tested is large, e.g., larger than 30, and up to a few hundreds.


3. Augmented Design (AD)

To be used when the number of entries to be tested is large and there is no replication.



All these designs can be easily implemented using the "General Experimental Designer"



This is set up for a general Row-Column Design, which is the recommended design to maintain field spatial variation information. The general form is an Incomplete Blocks Design, i.e.,, with the entries devidied into severeal incomplete blocks within each replication.Normal ICBD has no replcations in each incomplete block. However, This Designer allows checks in each (incomplete) block, although they are not mandatory. The checks can be placed randomly or systematically. This Designer can make plans for a number of sites at the same time.


The Row-Column Design is a general design, and the commonly used designs can be regarded as a specific case of it: